2 hotels in Plaka, Naxos – Staying by the Beach

When you travel to Naxos you probably want to spend time seeing and exploring the beautiful port town Naxos, but you might want to stay by the beach. That’s why there is Plaka.

Plaka is a good choice if you want to stay a bit tucked away and by the beach; 7 km stretch of beach, and the bus or taxi will take you back and forth into the town of Naxos when you want to. Not such a good choice though if you like to be a short busride away from town. Car is recommended, but not necessary.

Medusa Resort Hotel and Suites

The villas were built in 2007 and are 70 sqm. Located next by the beach in Plaka. The nicest place I considered for my stay in 2011, but I did not want to stay 12 km away from Naxos town. If you don’t mind being off the beaten track then consider the villas here. I would not go here without renting a car, but we did catch a bus here a few times without any hassle, so it is totally do-able.

Medusa Resort Hotel and Suites

Blue Harmony Apartments

Situated 8 km from Naxos city; the apartments are all traditional Greek style painted in blue and white colors. If you want a seating area inside then your only option is a ‘family apartment’.

Blue Harmony

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