2012 in Pictures

January will be remembered for my Grandmother’s 90 year old birthday party, cheesecake, a tasteful pheasant meal @ Ruffino Ristorante in Oslo, but really what January is about is the SALE. The best sale in Oslo was @ Steen & Strøm Magasin in Oslo. Waited in queue & returned home with lots of bargains! Steen Strøm Magasin sale

Not a year goes by without visiting a great beach, and in February I visited Koh Samui in Thailand and was all set for another few cold winter months in Norway. Lamai beach in Koh Samui

My friend Christina left Oslo for the remainder of year so we spent as much time together as possible in March, trying out a new restaurant and recording songs at the Pop Center in Oslo. I also made time for sightseeing in Oslo.

This Easter was spent in Kautokeino with Thomas, Elisabeth, and André; turning April into one of 2012’s BEST months. I love family, the tundra, and vacation.  Kautokeino

In May I discovered Prosecco @ Brunello in Oslo, celebrated the Norwegian Consititution Day, visited Bygdøy, and also re-visited Vigelandsparken. I also spent two days in Kristiansand.
Norwegian Constitution Day

June had a terrible beginning as there was a huge fire in our building, almost burning down our apartment. Luckily it was saved, and we only had to live without our clothes for a few months. I came over it by eating delicious Chicken Club’s and going to a crazy energetic Nicki Minaj concert in Oslo. B-Bitches ain’t got punchlines or flow / I have both and an empire also / Sell out shows out in Norway, Oslo. My boyfriend surprised me with a weekend getaway to Gothenburg at the end of the month!
Fire in Smalgangen Grønland

Christina was in Oslo for a short day trip in July, my parents visited, I turned 27(!) and ate out at Vann & Brød, Meline and Richard visited and we tried out the amazing Yaya’s, beer and pizza’s were consumed at one of my favorite Oslo restaurants AliBaba. All in all a very eventful month, the highlight being my cousin’s wedding where Sami traditions were apparent.
Sami Norwegian wedding party

August was filled with sadness more than anything else. Since summer in Oslo sucked I went to Kristiansand where the weather was sunny and warm, and where the grass is definitely greener.  Kristiansand is Green

I had the lunch of my life at Mucho Mas in September, not so much at Alfred, and also tried out a Moroccan restaurant I’ve been curious about for a long time. The Norwegian Air Force celebrated 100 years, and I was there! The real treat was staying at the AMAZING White Bungalow in Ovacik in Turkey. OMG, I would love to go back and swim in that huge pool.

All relaxed and ready for October and colder months ahead! I visited the newly opened Food Court (Mathallen) in Oslo, and it was an appreciated addition to Oslo. I had a great Mediterranean Salad @ Emil & Samuel, finally learnt what Pancetta means, re-visited the market in Bogstadveien, found a favorite store in Kristiansand, and celebrated 5 years together with my boyfriend @ Xich Lo.
October in Oslo

In November I finally visited my parents in Tromsø, and was treated like a proper hotel guest. The view from my cousin’s apartment is amazing and tempting. In Oslo me and Thomas tried out traditional food, and we took a flight to Munich to do some Christmas shopping! One of the year’s most eventful and stressful months.
November in Oslo

December was a crazy month and it became clear that 2013 is all about new beginnings. For the first time I spent Christmas in Kristiansand (after an 8 hour long journey). It’s very clear (2 me) that I’m an only child and that I’m used to getting just what I want. I received a lot of great gifts, delicious food (my boyfriend is the cook in our relationship), stressed down (somewhat), and felt very content with saying goodbye t0 2012.
Christmas gifts 2012

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