Rent an Awesome Villa in Barbados

Below is a list of awesome & exclusive villas I considered for my stay in Barbados in the Caribbean, 2011. Sadly I could not pick them all. When you want a spacious villa with a separate living room. When Interior matters. Suited for couples, families, and friends.

If you are looking for a relaxing holiday near a great beach in Barbados, and still have easy access to plenty of restaurants when the sun goes down you need to stay in St James (IMO). Porters Court is relaxing, yet only 5 minute away by bus from Holetown; while Speightstown is a ghost town.

Bridgetown did not tempt me before going to Barbados, and after going there several times I am very glad I didn’t stay there.

Christ Church has wavy and wild beaches, more a scenery than for bathing.

In Barbados you don’t have  bunch of affordable luxury hotels to choose from; it feels like choosing between a) ugly b) expensive or c) more expensive.  I wanted to stay on the south coast where the water is calmer and the pace slower.
Our first option would have been the Colony Club, but it was too expensive. We almost decided for another part of the world, but then we learned we could rent a villa at a cheaper price and the location seemed central with a beach and bus stop nearby.  Porters Court 7 was certainly the finest villa we came across in our price range, and we e-mailed a lot of agents before Irene Ford accepted us for the entire period and gave us the best price (out of three agents).

Porters Court 7

Area: St James. South Coast.
I stayed at Porters Court 7 villa while on my first vacation in Barbados. I used the local buses a lot, which stops just outside the property. Very convenient. The villa is one of eight secluded villas opposite The Fairmont Royal Pavilion Barbados Resort.

Porters Court 7

Porters Court #3 looks good to, just not as good as Porters Court #7!

porters court 3

We used Relaxing Retreats to book through. Irene Ford is trustworthy and I’d recommend her to anyone wanting to rent a villa in Barbados. It was either Porters Court or Tamarind Cottages!

Santa Neta Apartments

Area: South Coast, “On the road between St. Lawrence Gap and Bridgetown, both five minutes away by bus or car.”
The Santa Neta Apartments are not in the area I wanted to live in. I wanted to relax and enjoy a great (CALM) beach more than I wanted to live right next to where the action is.

santa neta apartments

Barbados apartment rental

Area: St James. South Coast.
Barbados apartment rental just seemed too basic compared to the other choices in St James.

Barbados apartment rental

Barbados Westbeach / Sugar Hill Resort

Area: St James. South Coast.
The Sugar Hill Resort seems posh and conviently located near a beach, but the interior wasn’t wowing me.

Sugar Hill Resort

Alverton Villa

Area: Fitts Village, St James. South Coast. *****
I fell hard for The Alverton Villa with its furnitures, relaxed feel, and the beach at your doorstep! Maybe if it’s available next time!

Alverton Villa


Area: Fitts Village, St James. South Coast.
Milord in Barbados is what luxury looks like, but I wasn’t able to pay for it.


If none of the options are for you then maybe you can find something here!

None of the images belong to me; they were taken from the web to show the different apartments/villas. No copyright infringement intended. Please contact me if you wish for any of the images removed.

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