About this blog

The idea behind this blog was to share my own travel experiences; hopefully someone finds this useful.
If not I will also use this blog to make my own travel plans for future travels.
Sometimes this isn’t even a travel blog.


$- cheap/inexpensive
$$- moderately priced
$$$- expensive
$$$$- very expensive/ high priced

About me

27, female, Oslo, Norway.
I work, travel,  joke around, try to stay away from chocolate, and swim whenever I can.
I am not a big fan of fish, birds, coconut ice cream, or small talk.
I like photography and different radio stations.
I love travel, good songs, cheese cake, and chocolate (even bad ones).

// Jeg er 27 år, bosatt i Oslo. Jeg bruker det meste av min dyrebare tid og inntjente kroner på reise og det trives jeg med. Jeg har valgt å skrive på engelsk i bloggen min, men dersom du ønsker å kontakte meg eller legge igjen en kommentar her kan du selvsagt skrive på norsk!

Preferred travel steez

Slow travel
When on travel I try out as much of the local candy and food as I can. I prefer the local bus over touristy arranged trips, even if I don’t understand where the bus is going. It usually works out.

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