Tucked Away @ Dreams Villa Resort

I stayed at the Dreams Villa Resort in Bophut Koh Samui in February 2011 & would not hesitate to go back. It is a two storey villa with living area, kitchen, patio (two; facing the garden and the pool), bathroom downstairs, and two bedrooms; as well as two bathrooms upstairs. The interior is fresh, and the furniture is very comfortable. It was more than enough space for two people, the apartment way much bigger than our apartment back home in Oslo. The heated pool was not overlooked! I wish there would have been a  better road leading down to the main road, but the distance itself wasn’t a problem as it only takes 7 minutes to walk.

My expectation about staying somewhere ‘private’ was partially met, with only 10 villas around the property stayed quiet. However we traveled in the high season and there were other people staying in the other villas. The patio was facing the pool. There was a small patio on the back as well, but without chairs. I would have appreciated a somewhat more ‘private’ seating arrangement outdoors.

The resort has both a lunch and dinner menu, and if you’re like me (and love Thai cuisine) you will be satisfied. None the less, it’s not like going to an interesting or great restaurant, so we did eat out the most of the time.

Staff did everything they could to make our stay pleasant, but they did let a lot of lizards in when they were cleaning… don’t know if this was on purpose, but chasing lizards around in that villa was not easy!

Dreams Villa Resort in Koh Samui

Don’t come here if you hate large heated pools…

Dreams Villa Resort in Koh Samui - Living room

Stayed in watching Thai Idol a lot of the nights… :-)

Dreams Villa Resort in Koh Samui - Kitchen

If you want to make food you can, but don’t use too much curry…

Dreams Villa Resort in Koh Samui - Kitchen sitting area

We ordered food from the restaurant and enjoyed it at home

Dreams Villa Resort in Koh Samui - Food from the restaurant

For lunch we would order food from the restaurant. Their vegetarian curry was the best thing on there.

Dreams Villa Resort in Koh Samui - Stairs

There’s more upstairs!

Dreams Villa Resort in Koh Samui - Master Bedroom

Liked the bed, but loved the ducks <3

Dreams Villa Resort in Koh Samui - Bathroom upstairs

With three bathrooms getting up at the same time was much easier than it is back home…

Dreams Villa Resort in Koh Samui - Shower

Shower tucked away in the bathroom (2nd floor)

Dreams Villa Resort in Koh Samui - Bathroom downstairs

This was Thomas’ bathroom, located on the 1st floor. We called it the jail cell.

Dreams Villa Resort in Koh Samui - After dark

Outside looking in.

Dreams Villa Resort in Koh Samui - Night

Mostly families stayed here, so after 9PM the place was DEAD

Dreams Villa Resort in Koh Samui - Sign

Not very lit area once you wander outside the property…

Dreams Villa Resort in Koh Samui - Poolside

Saying goodbye to THIS was hard to do.

Yet I managed to keep a smile on my face :-)

Yet I managed to keep a smile on my face :-)

See, I was happy :-)

My rating: ♥♥♥/♥

List of other hotels/resorts we considered, and reason for exclusion:

Baan Kao Hua Jook  Villas / 10 minutes from the beach in Chaweng. Looked perfect, but couldn’t find many trustworthy reviews.

Banburee Resort and Spa / Read a lot of complaints of the resort lacking a beach. We drove by this place and it is remote. You don’t have any many (any?) choices for restaurants in the area either. Only if you have a car.

Coconut Villa Resort & Spa Samui / Beach seemed great, but villas seemed too small and no sitting area.

Kanok Buri Resort & Spa / This place looked interesting. You get a lot for less, supposedly great beach (but I’m not a fan). We wanted a two-bedroom apartment, but everything is in the same room here.

Mantra Samui Resort / Cozy hotelroom, but too expensive.

Samui Cliff View Resort & Spa / No beach. Only rocks. Beach 10 minutes away. Remote, no restaurants nearby, only the highway. Needs an upgrade 2.

Sea Valley Hotel and Spa / Couldn’t find any reviews.

If we’d be willing to spend more we’d chose a huge villa @ Kirikayan Luxury Pool Villas & Spas, or the Fair House Villas & Spa

If you have stayed at any of these places and have a blog post about it, please comment with your link!

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