Amsterdam – Something for Everyone

Amsterdam is how I picture Venice, only smaller. It is lively city with colorful buildings and scenic canals. To me the Netherlands was known for its relaxed drug laws, tulips, wooden shoes, and a friend I once knew. Now that I have been there crazy bicycles riders also come to mind.

I also learned that the streets in Amsterdam are so long and diagonal that if you end up in the wrong one; you’ll be there for a while.

Amsterdam   Amsterdam   Amsterdam Tower in Amsterdam   Amsterdam   Amsterdam canal   Bridge in Amsterdam   Buildings in Amsterdam   Annie in the streets of Amsterdam

Does one travel to Amsterdam without visiting a coffee shop? I visited the Bulldog, but it was absolutely terrible. Smoke-filled  room that  literally stank us out in two seconds. There is a guard outside the door, but we did not really understand  the point with him when not no one is denied access.

There are plenty of  museums in this city, but I was not particularly interested in visiting them. Sometimes it is enough for me to see building exteriors.

Dutch Bols

Brought a bit of Bols back home…

Bols offers drinks and fun if you’re over 18. They gave away a Dutch book of recipes and drinking games, but unfortunately this is not a language I can read.

Winterland Amsterdam on Rembrandtplein  consists of many stalls selling sweets, almonds and cocoa. There is also a skating rink. We bought some food and sweets, but it  was generally too sweet or disgusting.

Anne Franks Museum I’m sure is obligatory, but I won’t lie and write that I actually went there. The queue was too long, so I bought a postcard and ran over to the Pancake Bakery next door. Next time!

Anne Frank Museum - Prinsengracht 263   Anne Frank Museum  - Prinsengracht 265

Anne Frank Museum
Post card from the Anne Frank Museum

Amsterdam’s most famous pancake and omelet house, The Pancake Bakery, did not disappoint, but it did weird me out. What sort of stuff do you really want on your pancake? Cheese, chocolate, bacon, ice cream? Different, but good. The bakery has plenty of space, but is very popular so we had to wait more than a  minute by the door to get a seat. Be smart enough to book in advance, and don’t miss out!

The Pancake Bakery

The Pancake Bakery – Another post card purchase

The Pancake Bakery   The Pancake Bakery

We also visited the White Elephant (Indian cuisine), but it did not leave a lasting impression. What I do remember though is the very spiral staircase, stay away from alcohol untill after you’ve been to the bathroom!

Now to the best part: the DELICIOUS candy! I will come again for more candy from Jamin!


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