The beaches, the food, the culture, the people. Will for sure go back. Soon.

What Thomas is able to do with a few but very tasteful Bajan ingredients! The mornings bear some of my best memories!

If you want to live in a nice (posh) area and have access to great (calm) beaches then stay at the West Coast. If you stay on the North side the waves can be dangerous.

Holetown is a nice, small, compact, and lively town with restaurants and shops that give an advantage if you want to have these opportunities close by.

Holetown is in St. James. I lived at Porters Court #7. There are bus stops all along the road, but the yellow buses stop anywhere. The villa is situated about 5-7 minutes drive from Holetown. The closest beach is the one below Royal Pavilion / Fairmount View. The standard of the villa was awesome and location the best part! The pool is shared with a couple of other villas, and maybe a frog.

We met up with a fun couple who stayed at the Fairmount, they showed us their room, and it was very nice; spacious, clean, and looked newly renovated. Good size terrace facing the beach.

A hotel we considered was the Colony Club, as the location seemed great, and the rooms looked nice. The location was almost the same as we ended up in, so now I know I was right.

The ‘High Season’ begins December 15th and this was truly noticeable. Suddenly there were pale fat tourists everywhere I looked, and the rates skyrocketed! December 2nd – 15th was my favorite period in Barbados. At first it did feel weird being the only caucasian around, but I soon realized that I was the one staring and not the locals..


Areas of Barbados

Bridgetown – Busy, moderately exciting, shopping opportunities, reminded me of a clean Grønland

St Lawrence Gap – Lively resort with restaurants and bars lined up the road. Party factor.

St Peter / Speightstown – OK if you are into ghosttowns

Oistins – Only go when there is the market. Other than that it’s pretty much just you and the fish smell.

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