Resistant Chicken Burger @ Dattera til Hagen

I’ve had the Burger with coleslaw when visiting the Oslo (Grønland) restaurant Dattera til Hagen before and I was definitely not ready for that again, but being tired of the superb Chicken Salad I opted for the Chicken Burger.

It came with grilled peppers, huge potatoes, and tarragon cream. Sure, the tarragon was great, but it did not make up for the oversized resistant chicken chunks. I chewed and chewed and chewed. Smaller pieces, more tenderness, and more excitement on the plate is to prefer!

Price tag: 172 NOK

Chicken Burger Dattera til Hagen

My rating: ♥♥

It looks just as boring as it tastes.

Previous visit:

Power Breakfast @ Dattera til Hagen

The plan was to try the avocado bacon sandwich, but the club sandwich won. I’m not sure about what the fried egg was doing there, but it was OK as I love to smear the running egg plum over bread (dark and tasteful)…

Setting @ Dattera til Hagen: very colorful backyard diner in Grønland with combination of table+chairs or couch+table.
Will go back. FYI Dattera til Hagen translates to Hagen’s Daughter/The Garden’s Daughter.

Chicken tasted like chicken, onion like onion, but mustard alioli was more like plain alioli with too much mayo. Potatoes not too exciting. All in all a good and powerful combination, but not better than their chicken salad.

Power breakfast @ Dattera til Hagen

My rating: food ♥♥♥ coffee ♥♥♥♥♥

…The iced coffee was delicious today (as it was yesterday!)

Dattera til Hagen Iced Latte

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