Burgerlicious Diet-Deal-Breaker

This is the story of the delicious-like-Angus-burger-I-once-ate at Restaurang Babar in Gothenburg; and I almost went to heaven.

The restaurant served me a meal of a lifetime in 2010 so I had to come back to the restaurant on my next visit to Gothenburg two years later. I ordered the same dish (at least I think so; last time the check only stated ‘burger’, this time called ‘Babar Cajun burger’).

Gothenburg Taxi

Taxi in Gothenburg

Last time around it nearly killed me; I was bedridden for several hours after eating it, but it was totally worth it.
The same didn’t happen this time, but there was no room for desert.
The presentation was not all that, but the flavors in my mouth can only be described as YUMYUMYUM!!! Burger; juicy, pickles; great choice, fries; perfectly fried for my picky-fry-tastebuds, dressing; dressinglicious, salad; fresh, dip; the best part.

Annie enjoying herself

Annie enjoying herself

Cajun Burger Babar Gothenburg

Cajun Burger @ Babar Restaurang in Gothenburg

So if in Gothenburg and you crave for a juicy tasteful burger or a perfectly fried fry (IMO very hard to find); go to Restaurang Babar (located @ Avenyn; opposite Scandic Rubinen hotel). From the looks of it the restaurant doesn’t look like it has one of the best burgers known to mankind; but let it surprise you.

Babar Restaurant Gothenburg

Babar Restaurant – Gothenburg. I might be coming back!

My rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

…I would go back next time as well if in mood for a burger, because I know this one doesn’t disappoint. Although I probably won’t go back next time, because by then  it will be time to move on.

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One comment on “Burgerlicious Diet-Deal-Breaker

  1. Thomas Saturday July 14th, 2012 07:50 PM

    Hi that burger was mmmmmmmm..!!

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