Chicken Burger @ Hot Spot Fru Hagen in Oslo

Try the Mozzarella Chicken Burger @ Fru Hagen restaurant in Oslo (Grünerløkka) if you like juicy chicken, crispy bacon, tasteful aioli, and only if are hungry. How is this burger better than other burgers? Honestly I don’t know if this is the best Chicken Burger in Oslo, but it’s one of those I would recommend you to try.


When I hear someone mentioning ‘Fru Hagen’ I think of cool laid-back interior complimented with comfortable sofas,  the trendy area (Grünerløkka), and of course the name ‘Fru Hagen’ (Ms Hagen) makes it even more of a hot spot for the urban crowd. I’ve had several drinks here before as this is also a cool nightlife scene, but this was my first time eating here.

Fru Hagen @ Oslo

Fru Hagen @ Oslo

The menu

The menu reflects that Fru Hagen is a bar and a café, but there’s still a few good choices so you have at least 2-3 dishes to choose from if you like meat. It seems most people do come here for the burgers.

The dish

Juicy chicken. Check. Fresh bread (bun). Check. Salty and crisp potato wedges. Check. Bacon. Check. I wasn’t missing anything.

My rating: ♥♥♥♥

Chicken Burger Fru Hagen

Chicken Burger @ Fru Hagen

Tip! If you like Fru Hagen you should also visit her daughter Dattera til Hagen for the Chicken Salad or Club Sandwich!

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