Cool & Trendy Hotel Room in Oslo

Clarion Collection Hotel Folketeateret is my favorite hotel in Oslo city center.

  1. The room has a luxurious feel with gold and purple colors, velvet and silk materials and a dramatic black colored bathroom
  2. The superior room is just that and also spacious enough to bring friends to your room
  3. The location is great central in a cool area of Oslo with shopping and restaurants literally within a minutes distance from the hotel entrance (which is actually located inside a passage)
  4. The prices are pretty competitive with good offers largely available on various internet sites
  5. Your day is bound to turn out great with the healthy and adventurous breakfast buffet  that is available on the first floor
  6. There is also the likely possibility that you will run into the supermodel Kate Moss

Kate Moss

Clarion Collection Hotel Folketeatret - bedroom

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