Dubrovnik – City of the Red Rooftops

Dubrovnik is a city on the Adriatic Sea coast of Croatia. It is also the city of the red rooftops, and the mixed grill.

The best time to visit… May – October.

Dubrovnik is a charming city where time seems to stand still. You have the choice to have an action-packed holiday (sightseeing, partying, or go on excursions to nearby cities such as Split), or just do nothing while you stay along the hillside.




Even the hills are red

A lot of Norwegians come here. It’s funny how you think when you’re away from home no one will understand what you’re saying because you’re speaking your own language… *sigh* I was reading the sequel to the movie ‘Trainspotting’, called ‘Porno’. The cover really gave away that it was not about porn (unless it had been a book about doll porn), but I heard so many people commenting on it that I ended up staying in bed reading it.

Food & Restaurants in Dubrovnik

Freshly grilled meats, chicken or fish served with lots of vegetables. A plate of mixed grill is the way to go! I’ve never done this before or after; but when in Dubrovnik I ordered the same dish at the same restaurant several nights in a row. This was before the explosion of Trip Advisor. The Mamma Mia restaurant served me a meal I’ll never forget.

When choosing a non-beachside ‘local’ restaurant there is the possibility you encounter a language barrier. The waitress had no way of understanding what I meant when I ordered ‘pickled onions’, and at one point me and my cousin ended up drawing them on a piece of paper!

The same waitress also did not understand what we meant when we ordered 2x soda each (2x Coke for me, and 2x Fanta for Meline). I mean, what is the point with a serving size of 0,25ml if you’re not planning on serving ants? After 15 minutes (with expressive sign language where we gestured with our hands how you pour two bottles of soda into the same glass) we understood we were not succeeding and just told her to bring us the bottles, with the glasses on the side. I don’t know what she heard, but she brought back two glasses in which she had poured half and half with Fanta and Coke. Too funny, we laughed and sent it back and she ran back inside and broke down in tears! :-(

Mixed grill Dubrovnik

Meline made the waitress cry over straws and fanta

Meline made the waitress cry over straws and Fanta

@ Mamma Mia restaurant

@ Mamma Mia restaurant

The beach in Dubrovnik was killing my feet

There’s the popular city beach Banje, which gets crowded quickly. I see a lot of websites referring to this beach as a ‘pebble’ beach, but truthfully this is a rocky beach with stones more than eager to stab you from underneath. When it’s hot it’s worse. Luckily when you get into the water it gets sandy quickly (if you stand at the right spot).

There are more beaches; such as the Cava naturist (nude) beach, the scenic Sv. Jakov beach, or the secluded Buza beach. When I and my cousin visited Dubrovnik in July 2007 we took a bath at Buza beach in the middle of the night. It was dark and we couldn’t see anything, we only heard the waves crashing in. We didn’t have the sense to get up before we were convinced a dead body was washed to shore with one of the waves.

Beach in Dubrovnik Croatia Dubrovnik beach

Banje beach Dubrovnik

The beach of Dubrovnik is like any other beach, only the rocks are sharper & hotter than anywhere else.

Here's a stud waiting for his ship to come in

Here’s a stud waiting for his ship to come in

Naked people's beach

Naked people’s beach

Hotel Kompas beach

Hotel Kompas beach

Dubrovnik at sea

Dubrovnik at sea, Copacabana beach is on the right hand side

Where to stay in Dubrovnik

The apartment we rented was a shabby one, but central and cheap. The owner picked us up upon arrival, and he even chased and killed spiders for us on request (after we had intensely tried to hairspray it for over an hour).  But if you want to know where to stay, check out my friend Trip Advisor.

The Old City of Dubrovnik

The Old City of Dubrovnik is beautifully preserved, and there are lots of sites to explore. The town was severely damaged by an earthquake in 1667, but Dubrovnik managed to preserve many of its beautiful churches, monasteries, and fountains. The Old City of Dubrovnik is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

Franciscan monastery tower

Franciscan monastery tower. 

Close up of Water Spout Onofrio's fountain

Close up of Water Spout @ Onofrio’s fountain

Church of the Holy Savior Dubrovnik

Church of the Holy Savior near Onofrio’s fountain

Dubrovnik Ice Cream Cone

Dubrovnik’s Ice Cream Cone

Dubrovnik streets of Old Town

The Old Town in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik streets of Old Town

The Old Town in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik streets of Old Town

The Old Town in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik fat sleepy cat

Fat cat taking a nap.


Dubrovnik has lots of hills and staircases, and is great for your thighs, if that’s what you’re after.


Parking lot with a scenic background

What else?

Best memories
Midnight swim. Eating mixed grill with pickled onions on the side, over and over again.
A guy from a local pub asking the pub host if it was OK to buy us two beers, and when we said yes he asked us “Are you Hungarian?” We said no, and when he went to the bathroom we quickly emptied our glasses, and ran down the road like mental patients on the loose, back to our apartment. Poor guy.

Drinking in Dubrovnik

It’s nice when people buy you beer, but ot can also create an awkward conversation filled with more awkward silences

Worst memories
My cousin flooding the sink in the bathroom causing all my toiletries to take an unwanted bath.
The coconut cake at the airport.

Would I go back?
Yes! I wish I was there right now, but next time I want to explore more.

My rating:

Dubrovnik sunset

The sunset in Dubrovnik is beautiful when the sun disappears behind the trees and the mountains.

Baby lizard <3

Baby lizard

Taking pictures suited for 'Missing' ads, just in case

Taking pictures suited for ‘missing’ ads in the paper, just in case, trying to be responsible.

My best purchase; Sonny & Cher

My best purchase; Sonny & Cher

The weather was sunny during the day, but  windy and stormy at night. One night there was a lot of wind and we heard a cat screaming so we grabbed a knife each and set out to rescue it, but that didn’t turn out successful.

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