Experience Thailand in Oslo @ Yaya’s

The Thai restaurant Yaya’s in Oslo is not much of a secret to locals, and might even be regarded as over-rated by many due to the hype. Yaya’s in Oslo is at the moment my favorite place to eat delicious Thai cuisine. The place is all about the experience making it as much as possible Thailand-beach-like-restaurant with chill out music, Thai bamboo, wooden stall-seating, and thunderstorms on the speakers in the middle of your meal.

The DRY PANENG CURRY (Stir fried pork filet with vegetables and paneng curry sauce, with some coconut milk) costs 169 NOK.
The meal tastes every bit as good as the Paneng Curry in soup format, but at the end of the meal my throat is too dry to handle the entire meal. I am not sure why anyone would prefer dry paneng, but I don’t understand how people like chilli either.

Yaya's restaurant Oslo Dry Paneng

Dry Paneng @ Yaya’s

My rating: ♥♥♥♥

I now also am aware that their shots can do a lot of damage. Especially Monkey Brain. Sticking to their exotic drinks from now on!

Yaya's restaurant Oslo - shots

Look at me now.

Review below of previous visit in March 2012:


Yaya's @ Oslo

I had ‘PANENG GAI’; Bowl of paneng curry with chicken, longbeans, cauliflower, carrots and coconut milk. It’s hard to go wrong with this dish in my opinion. Medium Spicy.
Turned out not too spicy, and taste very close to perfect. One of the best thai dishes for me so far.

Price tag: 159 NOK! Exclamation for not being expensive.


Yaya's @ Oslo

Yaya's @ Oslo

‘Gaunabana Colanda’ can compete with the best drinks in town (such as T.G.I.’s Friday @ Karl Johan), and Yaya’s Mai Thai was pretty close.


Yaya's @ Oslo

Yaya's @ Oslo

Yaya's @ Oslo

Yaya's @ Oslo

This is what draws the rating to its max. In some ways better than any restaurant visited in Thailand; cosy, different, and definitely made me want to stay longer + visit again!

So to conclude; the hype is well deserved.

My rating: 

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