Feeding the Monkeys @ Barbados Wildlife Reserve

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is a unique attraction in Barbados, maybe not uncommon as an attraction, but it differs from the many beaches that are Barbados’ main attraction. Two of my favorite things in this life are animals + taking pictures, so the Reserve was perfect for me.

It’s located across the road from the National Park. A big ‘Access Denied’ sign in the middle of two roads is what met us, making us wanting to turn around and go back, but after the trip of getting there we just took a chance.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Confusing entrance sign.

What is interesting about this attraction is that you get to interact with the monkeys during feeding, or you can enjoy a quiet moment with the deer. What’s boring is that you have probably done this before. That is not actually true for me as I have only been to zoo’s before, and being at this wildlife reserve was definitely a better and more genuine experience.


It was a good few hours at the reserve. When we tired of the monkeys (which were not so interested in us) we headed to the other part of the reserve for the feeding of the bigger animals. There was a large tour group there and I am 100 % happy we did not go for this solution, as they were running around all the time not seeming able to look at anything for more than a minute. They did have a guide, but there was extensive written information available.


My rating: ♥♥♥

Word of advice!

While the local white or yellow buses will take you all the way to the Wildlife Reserve, this is not a stop on any bus drivers regular route, so either book a taxi for your return, go on an organized trip, or be ready to WALK. We ended up walking. For HOURS.

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