Food Story @ Grünerløkka, Oslo – Organic & Cramped

Food Story in Oslo Norway is a natural choice for a light lunch with its organic philosophy. It is placed in Grünerløkka where many of the trendiest restaurants in Oslo are to be found, where you can find great spots for breakfast and lunch.

It looks like a store from the outside (here you can buy assortment of organic food and drink products, such as coffee, tea, oils, pasta, vinegar, sauces, and spices), but inside there’s also a few seats for those who don’t mind the lack of privacy when eating. More than likely you will share a table with other guests.

The atmosphere

The restaurant Food Story is somewhat hidden behind its façade of being an ecological food store centrally located in the hip area of Grünerløkka. When you enter inside it IS very much Grünerløkka. There are friends and families gathered around the 10 (!) tables chatting away about their lives and expectations, just as you’d expect when dining in this area. There’s probably nothing else to expect anywhere else, but the feel in this area just is different from anywhere else in this town. During the summer months it is also possible to sit outside, but there’s only about four window seats.

The menu

Ecological limited menu based on seasonal produce. Tempting for a meat-lover. Children’s menu.

The dish

I ordered the Chicken Salad with chicken from Jæren (Rogaland) and seasonal vegetables, feta cheese, and lenses. To me the meat always looks more exclusive when its origin is in print, but from experience it does not make a difference on the plate. The chicken was fresh, but tasteless. The feta cheese was the greatest disappointment; too much taste and I don’t like it when the cheese is the most distinct part of a meal. Seasonal vegetables included tomatoes, not my favorite. If I come back it’s not for the Chicken Salad.

Price tag: 169 NOK.

Grünerløkka Food Story

Food Story @ Grünerløkka

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