Overpriced @ Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe in Oslo Norway (Karl Johan) is ridiculously overpriced, just so you know. The portions are GRANDE, but I’d rather pay less for less. Maybe you think everything in Norway is overpriced; maybe so, but you don’t have to pay much over 150 NOK to find a good meal in Oslo. There are also cheaper areas in Oslo to dine at that are very accessible by public transport.

There is nothing decent on this menu under 150 NOK! If you didn’t know any better, you’d think you were at a gourmet place by looking at the prices. Going here when I was as poor as a rat was a really bad idea. There. The food is mostly interesting.

Citrus Chicken at Hard Rock Cafe Oslo

Citrus Chicken at Hard Rock Cafe Oslo

My Honey Citrus Grilled Chicken Salad cost 192 NOK
My rating: ♥♥/♥

…would have been better without the blue cheese crumbles. T.G.I.Friday has the same concept and is better for a slim wallet.

Nachos at Hard Rock Cafe Oslo

Nachos at Hard Rock Cafe Oslo – 139 NOK; pay extra for meat…

Not going here again with an empty wallet!

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