Highway Safari in Barbados

Who thought I would end up sightseeing the highways of Barbados… But while in Barbados me & Thomas ended up walking a lot, due to the fact that the bus’es would take us everywhere if asked and too often we didn’t think through how we would return from a place with no bus stop in sight.

Like the time when we visited the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, we ended up walking for HOURS untill we finally reached Speightstown and a bus.

Highway 2, Barbados

Not a house in sight…Highway 2, Barbados 2:40 PM

Highway 2, Barbados


Highway 2, Barbados

More never-ending road in sight!

Charles Duncan O'neal Highway, Barbados

Left or right? 3:24 PM

Charles Duncan Oneal Highway, Barbados


All Saints Anglican Church, Barbados

Finally the unpleasant, unplanned walk along the highways in Barbados paid off!

All Saints Anglican Church, Barbados


Charles Duncan O'neal Highway

Pink building next to the All Saints Church..

Charles Duncan O'neal Highway, Barbados

Everything in Barbados is colourful; even the bus stops…. No bus though.

Charles Duncan O'neal Higway, Barbados

4 km to Speightstown… 3:36 PM

Ronald Mapp Highway

2 Km to Speightstown… 3:42 PM… The Flower Cave was ruled out.

Ronald Mapp Highway

Another colourful building, right before catching a bus at a gas station. 3:47 PM

2 comments on “Highway Safari in Barbados

  1. Realtor Friday November 23rd, 2012 04:08 AM

    Sounds like a bit of a nightmare travel-wise! The buses aren’t that frequent on the main highway(s) as they tend to go through the residential areas. The blue government ones, the yellow private ones and the little maxi-taxi ZRs all ply these routes. There is no real fixed schedule either…

    At least you found some scenic shots in return for the sweat you must have generated on that walk though!

  2. @nnie Saturday November 24th, 2012 02:30 PM

    It was scary not knowing where we were or if we were going anywhere(!), but all in all it was an interesting walk that I’m not about to forget anytime soon :-)

    I noticed there was no fixed schedule, but the yellow buses turned out very reliable so getting somewhere was no problem most times.

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