Frogner is a borough of Oslo (named after Frogner Manor).

Neighborhoods of Oslo belonging to this borough are:
Aker Brygge | Bygdøy | Frogner | Uranienborg | Majorstuen

Frogner is an affluent and popular borough in Oslo, and worth visiting for sightseeing as well as shopping. The Frogner Park (Frognerparken) which includes the Vigeland Sculpture Park is located here, as well as the Oslo City Museum. Most houses here were buildt around 1900.

There are many good and exciting restaurants in the area. The price level is average to expensive.

Shopping offers are extensive, from the well-known chain band stores such as Benetton, H&M, and Zara, but this is also where you find expensive European and Scandinavian design; by Malene Birger, Massimo Dutti, Michael Kors, Tiger of Sweden, etc.

There is no shopping center in the area, the stores are lined up on each side of the long main road in Bogstadveien, then continuing on Parkveien. Shops are generally open from 10 a.m. – 6 .m. (4 p.m.). Thursday; stores tend to be open to 7 p.m., both here and in other areas.

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Ruffino: 59.915036, 10.727271
Salsa: 59.913041, 10.723157
Chinatown: 59.929518, 10.716816
Alfred: 59.912255, 10.729954
Jacob Aall: 59.928468, 10.716746
Latter: 59.910814, 10.726767
Mucho Mas: 59.924627, 10.724021
Olivia: 59.922678, 10.726314
Pasta Basta: 59.924093, 10.725577
Restaurant Marrekech: 59.911485, 10.734398
Yaya\'s: 59.910974, 10.722539
The Vigeland Museum: 59.922816, 10.700468
The Vigeland Sculpture Park: 59.924910, 10.707039
Horgan\'s Bar: 59.920994, 10.727623
Åpenbar: 59.910502, 10.728508
Bar1: 59.910502, 10.728508
Soliis Bar & Lounge: 59.914628, 10.719328
Zara: 59.924973, 10.723332
Aker Brygge Shopping: 59.910174, 10.727817
House of Oslo: 59.912665, 10.726153


The Vigeland Sculpture Park

The Vigeland Sculpture Park

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Market in Bogstadveien

Market in Bogstadveien

I was looking forward to see Bogstadveien emptied for cars and trams, as this is the best shopping street in… more

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