Gamle Oslo / Old part of Oslo

Old Oslo is a borough of Oslo.

Neighborhoods of Oslo belonging to this borough are:
Grønland | Tøyen | Vålerenga | Kampen | Gamlebyen | Ensjø | Etterstad | Valle-Hovin | Helsfyr | Ekebergskråningen

Grønland is worth visiting for its many tasteful and good (multi-cultural) restaurants. The price level is generally cheaper in this area than in the rest of the town.

There are also shops from many corners of the world, and a lot of them sell cheaper bazaar type clothing garments, as well as the occasional brands.

The only shopping center in this area is Grønland Basar. It is open from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. (6 p.m.).
My favorite store in this part of Oslo is Detaljer (Details); a shop that stands out in this neighborhood selling well-selected gifts, frames, jewelry, clothing for both children and adults, etc.
When you explore this area you will likely see a lot of immigrants as Grønland has become the multi-cultural melting pot of Oslo. After hours this is not the safest area to walk by yourself.

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Subway: 59.912034, 10.765322
Punjab Tandoori: 59.912921, 10.761925
Desi Kitchen: 59.913115, 10.760782
Lal Qila: 59.913884, 10.756059
Cafekontoret: 59.911024, 10.760619
Cafe Con Bar: 59.913864, 10.756593
Dattera til Hagen: 59.913227, 10.760112
Ali Baba: 59.912780, 10.763920
barBQtonait: 59.912183, 10.766606
: 59.913019, 10.763262
Dattera til Hagen: 59.913227, 10.760112
Oslo Mekaniske Verksted: 59.911220, 10.761808
Stockfleths: 59.908523, 10.768441
Sawol: 59.913022, 10.761400
Grønland Basar: 59.912780, 10.763920
Tippy: 59.912478, 10.760699
Olympen: 59.912246, 10.764505
Evita: 59.912395, 10.760334


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