Grünerløkka is a borough of Oslo, named after Friedrich Grüner who bought a mill in the area from king Christian V of Denmark in 1672.

Grünerløkka is a trendy and popular borough in Oslo, and worth visiting for its many boutiques, second-hand stores, and restaurants. Markveien is the main shopping street in Grünerløkka with stores lined on both sides of the street.  The price level is average to expensive.

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Fontès: 59.923474, 10.757948
Delikatysk: 59.923417, 10.751677
Food Story: 59.922051, 10.759156
Fru Hagen: 59.923688, 10.759395
The Nighthawk Diner: 59.925493, 10.758751
Villa Paradiso: 59.923556, 10.757360

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