Homemade Meals at Cafe Bacchus

The Cafe Bacchus restaurant in Kirkeristen in Oslo promotes itself with the statement; We serve homemade food from Norwegian produce. The question that remains is if homemade food always is better? Most of the times when I eat out  I want to be inspired by new flavors and combinations carried out by good/excellent/daring chef’s. What does homemade food really mean? IMO it doesn’t have much of a meaning unless the chef really lives on place. When it comes to food preservation I think less is better, because tons of salt make the meal too heavy, but I don’t appreciate it when the spices are scarce.

The dish

Chicken Breast at Cafe Bacchus in Oslo

Chicken Breast at Cafe Bacchus in Oslo

At Bacchus I had Chicken Breast with Jarlsberg Cheese and Bacon, with potato wedges and tomato salsa on the side. It is not true that the food at Cafe Bacchus is tasteless. Well, at least not the bacon or the salsa. The chicken is tasteless and reminds me of food experiences had at Cafe Skansen, and Food Story. I don’t know if it was the bacon or the tomato salsa, but I knew right away that I would finish my entire plate, even if it wasn’t the best chicken dish I’d had in a while.

Price tag: 170 NOK

The menu

Home made, and I’m sure that is why there are so few dishes on the menu. Last time I went here they had sausages on the menu, but were sold-out so I had to get up and leave because I couldn’t have anything else that was on the menu. Something that looks interesting is the wine list which includes almost 100% natural wines.

Cafe Bacchus Oslo

Cafe Bacchus in Oslo has an interesting drink list


Busy on the outside, intimate and dark on the inside. The restaurant was established in 1990, but the interior looks older and rustic. The area of Kirkeristen is busy and full of life, with plenty of shopping opportunities in the streets of Karl Johan. Oslo Cathedral is next door.

My rating: ♥♥♥

Cafe Bacchus Oslo

Hanging out at Cafe Bacchus in Oslo

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