Chicken Fascination @ Kjøkken og Bar

Kjøkken og Bar serves both traditional and international food. Seems when I look at my blog that all I’m doing these days is eat and eat and eat. :|

Kjøkken og Bar restaurant @ Møllergata/Youngstorget in Oslo is known to most as a bar, but already I’ve been here a couple of times earlier for the food and not the drinks. I’ve previously enjoyed some average meals, so I am still surprised that their chicken burger is more  than just ordinary. Me and my feta-craving-friend-Inga asked for feta and it was a successful combination!

Kjøkken og Bar Chicken Burger

Chicken Burger @ Kjøkken og Bar

My rating: ♥♥♥/♥

…What I wanted when I ordered it. The feta was a nice touch, and I think the chef needs to add it to the dish. The spot is great for a day out in the sun, so maybe that added to my rating. The draw-back was one “chewy” part of the chicken, and no flavor in the chicken.

Review below of previous visit from March 2012:

Another Day, Another Burger

I guess I’m not on a diet at the moment.  The dinner menu @ Kjøkken og Bar looks more tempting than the lunch menu. The place can get crowded, but most times I see people enjoying drinks here. The place is modern, and the staff professional. I still don’t like potato wedges. I don’t know where the salad was hidden, but maybe it was the tomato on top. The herb mayo was not great. I don’t like to taste of pure mayonnaise, but I guess that is my problem I ended up pouring salt & pepper all over the dressing and the chicken burger (which was good, but tasted plain chicken). If you like well prepared fresh food, but not a lot of flavor I guess this is as good as it gets :-)

Kjøkken og Bar Chicken Burger Oslo

Chicken Burger @ Kjøkken og Bar

My rating: ♥♥♥

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