Let Me Show You Where I Live

Take the metro to #Grønland and experience something different and slightly more exotic in Oslo. Grønland is diverse, laid-back, and fun, yet intimidating to many.

Below are pictures from Grønland, Oslo.

Saturday flea market

Grønland, Oslo - Akerselva

Every Saturday there is a second-hand marked @ Akerselva, which at night is not too safe

Grønland, Oslo - Vaterlandsbrua saturday market

Saturday morning market in Grønland; busy and cheap

Grønland by night

Grønland, Oslo - Stella Mwangi

Vaterlandsbrua, during a Stella Mwangi video shoot

Grønland, Oslo - by night

Grønland is very lively at night with many bars and night clubs open till 4 A.M.

Grønland by day

Grønland, Oslo - blood on the streets

Blood on the streets is neither common, nor surprising

Grønland, Oslo - tagging

Tagging is common, but the artistery varies

Grønland, Oslo - fresh fruit

Grønland is where you will find the freshest fruit in all of Oslo

Grønland, Oslo - man by the fountain

Man by the fountain, beneath the police station in Oslo

Grønland, Oslo - Rose sculpture by Spektrum

Hand holding a rose coming up of the ground

Where to shop

Grønland, Oslo - Shopping Tippy

The shopping is not much to brag about, but there is one decent clothing store

Grønland, Oslo - Rainbow fabric

Rainbow Fashion is the best for fabric. There is a bigger shop 10 minutes away.

Sirkusplassen / Circus Square, Grønlandstorg

Grønland, Oslo - Sirkusplassen

Chimpanzee by Tone Thiis Schjetne

Grønland, Oslo - Sirkusplassen klovn

Clown by Tone Thiis Schjetne

Grønland, Oslo - Sirkusplassen - klovnepar

Couple of clowns by Tone Thiis Schjetne

Eat & drink

Grønland, Oslo - Evita coffee bar

The best coffee @ Evita. No, seriously.

Grønland, Oslo - Olympen

Olympen, since 1892




Brugata, Oslo

Den Røde Mølle @ Brugata, serving nan and beer

Brugata, Oslo

Brugata offers shops from all corners of the world

Grønland, Oslo - Cafe Con Bar

Cafe Con Bar


Grønland, Oslo 1902

Building from 1902

Grønland, Oslo - Old apatment

Old apartment building in Oslo

Pink apartment building in Oslo

Pink apartment building in Oslo

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