Like You’re Family @ Istanbul Restaurant

When visiting Kayaköy in Turkey I didn’t expect much of a dining experience with only five to six restaurants in the area. Luckily I was proven wrong. I had both an enjoyable meal and evening at the Istanbul restaurant.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures since my camera decided to die on me after a heavy photo shoot in the Kayaköy village earlier.

The menu

Traditional Turkish.

The dish

Lovely starter. Bread with garlic butter, cheese, olives, and dried peaches! Yummy!!! Why can’t they just make the traditional bread into a dinner meal? It’s that good. The presentation of the meal was a lot better here than at any of the other Turkish restaurants I visited during my stay.

My rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

The Mother’s Meatballs were good, perfectly cooked, and complimented with onion. You can choose to have this dish with or without tomato sauce. I liked that fact, because there was too much tomato based dished on my plate in Turkey. My plate here also came with a lot of fresh vegetables. A simple and traditional good meal, but the best part of it was the service.

My rating: ♥♥♥


Simple, but cosy. A good location in KayaKoy. The good service adds to the atmopshere.

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