Limited Italian @ Cantina Cortina

Cantina Cortina is yet another Italian restaurant in Oslo. It is located between Youngstorget and Oslo Centrum, not far from several other Italian restaurants. Seems like this city can’t get enough. And I can’t either, but I’m picky.

The menu

There’s hardly anything on the menu, so little that I actually regretted sitting down. For a picky eater like myself I was not far from having to settle with Pizza Margarita.

Cortina Menu, Oslo

Limited menu

Cantina Cortina

Fork and knife

Cantina Cortina

There’s only two beers to choose from, at least both were Italian :-)


The dish

Not the Margarita, but Pizza Pepperoni. Yeah yeah, how can you go wrong?

Cantina Cortina

Cantina Cortina

Cantina Cortina


Location is @ Folketeateret, Oslo. Not very cosy with all sorts of people rushing by and disturbing your peace, but very central.

My rating: ♥♥♥

The food is OK, and not worse than other Italian places in Oslo, but nothing stood out so probably will not visit again.

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