Lots of Options @ Brunello Pizzeria

One more try at the worthy Italian restaurant Brunello Pizzeria, this time I ordered the Pizza Salsiccia (apparently with olives), and it was a lot better than my earlier choice when visiting earlier in May. What was even better was the peach Prosecco. In December the restaurant was very crowded, but me and my friend were advised to sit down and wait in the couch, and not before long a table was arranged for us. I am liking the service so much + the food is good, so will definitely make a third visit!

Only downside is the price, about 170-180 NOK for a pizza is a bit on the stiff side.

Pizza Salsiccia at Brunello Oslo

Pizza Salsiccia at Brunello Oslo

Brunello Pizzeria Oslo Norway

Brunello Pizzeria in Oslo, Norway

 My rating: ♥♥♥/♥

Review below of previous visit from May 2012:

Most Italian tastes the same, so either you never disappoint + are price competitive, or you add a twist. Or you just pay for a central location. Brunello did this. They also served me up with pink Prosecco in my glass, so I knew I was off to a good start.

Pink sparkling @ Brunello Pizzeria

The menu

27 different types of pizza’s on the menu (all traditional, except for Brunello’s own signature veggie pizza), but also other traditional Italian dishes like Lasagna and pasta (also have alternatives for gluten-intolerant people).

The dish

Pizza Europe topped with chicken, tomato, mozzarella, garlic, and Parmesan… How could it go wrong? The pizza did disappoint to an extent, too large chunks of boring chicken and no edge to the pizza. On the plus side it was juicy, thanks to the tomatoes. I liked my meal OK, but will try something different next time.

Pizza Europe @ Brunello Pizzeria

My rating: ♥♥/♥

What definitely did not meet my standards was the tame & lame Panna Cotta. It had no taste, and there had formed thin skin around it, in layers. I don’t think I was able to finish this.

Panna cotta @ Brunello

My rating: ♥♥


Very cosy for such a busy area.The service is attentive and quick, but you don’t feel like you have to get up of your seat right after you finish so this makes for a good place to also enjoy a bottle of wine (or two!) after your meal.

Eating out @ Brunello Pizzeria in Oslo

Eating out @ Brunello Pizzeria in Oslo

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