Market in Bogstadveien

I was looking forward to see Bogstadveien emptied for cars and trams, as this is the best shopping street in Oslo with its great variety of both chain store fashion + designer labels. Twice a year there is a ‘car free’ Market in Bogstadveien. The next one will be in October. Too bad the cars and trams were replaced with 15x as many people, with their baby strollers ready to attack at any time.

Yesterday (April 14th) stalls, offers, eager bargain seekers, as well as parents with baby strollers filled the long shopping street Bogstadveien . The baby-stroller-mob moved around with the speed of snails, constantly making abrupt and inappropriate stops in the middle of the road. I was run over by an empty twin stroller, which a woman was racing downwards the street. I felt like I was in the middle of a war zone. Maybe I’ll bring a stroller next time just for the extra space.

I was disappointed not to find any great clothing bargains; mostly the offers were for last seasons wool sweaters, or from the cheaper chain stores that pretty much give their clothes away for free anyway. Ended up buying RedKen hair products + ham!

My rating: ♥♥/♥

…I don’t think I’ll go again as I returned home with more bruises than new clothes.

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