Monster Salad @ Emil & Samuel

The Emil & Samuel restaurant on the top floor of the Steen & Strøm department store in Oslo is perfect to enjoy a light meal after hours of shopping. Emil & Samuel were the original founders of Steen & Strøm in 1979, and today lends its name to the elegant restaurant on the top floor.

Emil & Samuel

Emil & Samuel filed for bankruptcy in November 2012. On my last visit there in January 2013 the Mediterranean Salad looked nothing like the last time, and tasted awful. The vinaigrette was replaced with Thousand Island Caesar dressing, or maybe they got my order wrong(?). It’s a loss for Steen & Strøm if the restaurant on the top floor closes, but with every threat opens up an opportunity.

Emil & Saumuel Oslo

Empty tables at Emil & Samuel

The menu

A variety of international dishes to choose from, all served with fresh local ingredients.


Review from an earlier visit:

The dish

I had the ‘Mediterranean Chicken Salad’ (Greek salad). The chicken was juicy and there was enough of it. Lots of tasty olives, onions, and a nice flavored vinaigrette on top. Too bad there was too little of the vinaigrette. There were huge chunks of feta cheese, but not too tasty. I enjoyed the meal and it made me want to come back and try something else!

Price: 139 NOK

Emil & Samuel

The atmosphere

Elegant and quiet setting. Minor quirk; they didn’t have licence to sell liquor.

Steen & Strøm

Emil & Samuel

Emil & Samuel

My rating: ♥♥♥

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