Moroccan Mezze @ Restaurant Marrakech

I knew nothing about Moroccan cuisine previous to visiting Restaurant Marrakech in Oslo. Although I enjoyed the Mezze I still don’t feel like I know much about Moroccan cuisine. Good food, better service, but too expensive.


The menu

Several choices available for starters, main dishes, and desserts. One dish on the children’s menu. If I hadn’t gone for the ‘Mezze‘ I would have tried the ‘Chickentagine‘.

The dish

It started off witha typical bread-herb-butter-starter, and did not disappoint. The Mezze consisted of chicken clubs, lamb, meatballs, baked fish, scampi, Moroccan couscous, 3 selections of beans, eggplant, and one more side dish. The chicken clubs were the best part, with a good flavor. Usually I am a sucker for meatballs, but the taste did not speak to me. I don’t eat fish so I can’t judge, but my friend didn’t like the baked fish. I liked the side dishes, and the variety. The desert was a Panna Cotta with strawberry ice cream. Tasted old, and the worst part of the meal. All in all the meal was good, but for the price it was not impressive (actually disappointing). I have heard people rave about this place, but I am not sure I will go back.

Price: 299

Restaurant Marrakech Oslo

Inside Restaurant Marrakech in Oslo. Only a few seats available

Restaurant Marrakech Oslo

This is what the Mezze looks like

Restaurant Marrakech Oslo

Bad Panna Cotta

Restaurant Marrakech Oslo

Filled with expectation

Restaurant Marrakech Oslo

Marrakech recommends the Mzeze

The atmosphere

Colorful and intimate restaurant, with 42 seats. The place’s atmosphere seems very good for casual dates for catching up, or even for celebrating events. Definitely the best thing about this place.

My rating: ♥♥♥

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