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This weekend I will be in Munich Germany and as part of my pre-planning I have updated the map below in this post with places of interest in Munich.

Edit: Can you really trust anything you read online? Probably, probably not. It’s like buying a guidebook; you get a lot of help and tips about exciting things to see and places to explore, but you are probably going to end up at a few dead-end’s as well.


There are several churches in the city center of Munich. Marienplatz has short proximity to many of the churches, and the place itself is an attraction and makes for many good pictures. Especially the New town hall is gorgeous. The Frauenkirche was not my favorite, but it is grand.
The castles are a short (or long) drive away. Museums are open on Sunday, worth to mention are the Deutsche Museum, and the Toy Museum! If we’d had more time or the weather had been better I would definitely want to visit The DisneylandCastle – Schloss Neuschwanstein. Honestly though, I think Munich lacks in interesting made-for-tourists attractions, but their architectural coherent style, food, beer, and shopping makes up for this!


If you are going during high season then reservations are a MUST, both for fine dining as well as more relaxed eateries.


In addition to the links below I found these sites which have helped me plan my stay:

  • for Munich

Top 10 Attractions and Sights in Munich

Top 10 Attractions and Sights in Munich

#1 is Marienplatz. This is where the shopping starts, where the Christmas market is located, ++

Gardens in Munich

Includes five gardens, from Munich Court Garden to Nymphenburg Park. The site also includes nine palaces i Munich.

Food and Dining

Has a restaurant section, as well as a nightlife section, including the price level for the restaurants mentioned.

Munich Shopping has some basic, but useful information about shopping. Also visit Lonelyplanet pages for tips of specific stores and where to find these.

These sites mention the Maximilianstrasse for expensive high-end label shopping, but also Theatinerstrasse and Leopoldstrasse. I was looking for Maendler for a long time after doing some research online seeing several sites recommending it for more affordable design labels, but quickly found out it had closed for good. What none of these sites mentioned was the awesome THERESA @ Maffeistrasse, nor the shopping street Türkerstrasse where I did most of my fashion buys.

Ibis London Shepherd's Bush

Munich Hot Spots

Has a section about where to SHOP and where to EAT/DRINK which are pretty interesting.
ElleCanada does not provide a lot of information, but keeps it short & sweet (just how I like it when doing my travel research)! The site offers new spots (unknown to me) in an exciting wrapper. This said, I did not feel like popping into Sündhaft as the store looked way too posh and intimate, and I did not find Menu12. As for dining suggestions, I absolutely like the sound of …”Pumpkin risotto with chestnuts and black walnuts” (served at NEXT TIME!

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