Norwegian saturday treat – the waffle

The Norwegian waffle is one of the best snacks I can think of, and a Norwegian food tradition I appreciate.

At least in the north of Norway homemade waffles are still common to serve to guests during the weekend (and could even be reason you are having guests!)

Now that I am a grown up (I think) no one makes waffles for me in my home, but luckily the coffee shop below my apartment makes delicious waffles from scratch every Saturday!

Served with butter, brown cheese, strawberry/raspberry jam, and sour cream.

My preferred combination is light with the butter, one thin layer of  light brown cheese on each side of the heart, and raspberry jam. Yum! It makes or breaks my Saturdays.

Norwegian waffle

Waffle, the best snack. Add brown cheese and raspberry jam… mmmm!

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