Tallinn – Going Back for More Chocolate and Honey

Area to explore in Tallinn (Estonia) is the interesting and well-kept Old Town. No matter where you turn there are beautiful old buildings, and chances are you can enter a lot of them. You will find traditional and modern coffee shops and lots of other quirky shops on every corner, making the strolling up and down the streets more fun. Because of this a trip here would be suitable for families as well as friends/couples.

Old Town Tallinn

My tip is to allow yourself to get lost in these streets without a map handy. The shops and restaurants close, move and reopen faster than the guidebook can keep up, but this is quite fun when you become pleasantly surprised by the new shops and restaurants you didn’t expect.

Peppersack Tallinn

The food is very good if you stick to places where you can see others enjoying their meals. Always go with that, as there are some shady non-interesting restaurants in the streets.
I have dreams about the restaurant Peppersack. They have both a restaurant (upstairs) and a grill restaurant (downstairs). In addition, they brew the best (honey) beer I have ever tasted; not sold anywhere else in Tallinn to my knowledge. Ask for traditional beer with honey to have a culinary-beer-experience!

Rotermanni Quarter

Shopping for souvenirs in Tallinn is done in the many streets of th Old Town, but for the major plain-jane chains just visit the Viru Centre in the city center. You’ll find many more other centres around. Tallinn also has many quality second-hand stores. A bit hidden away, but definitely worth a visit if you’re in the mood for shopping clothing is  the historic area of “Rotermanni Quarter“. Here new modern buildings stand next to old industrial buildings. There is also a big Estonian Kalev Chocolate shop located here, as well as a coffee shop. This is where you might need to bring our your map, as you are now close to the city centre and it’s easy to lose your sense of direction with the many skyscrapers around you!

Hotel Bern

Sleep in the Old Town of Tallinn. It costs little to stay in a nice hotel with great service in the heart of Old Town. I’ve stayed at both Bern (excellent service; I read the reviews on this before I went, but one must experience the service-minded hotel receptionists to believe) and Telegraaf Hotel.

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