Olivia – Reliable Italian Pizza Restaurant

If you are ever in for a tasty and juicy Italian pizza in Oslo with fresh ingredients, then you can always count on the Italian restaurant Olivia to deliver.

The menu

The menu is large and there is enough to choose from, be it pasta, salads, or pizzas.

The dish

The Pizza alla Contadina (@ Hegdehaugsveien) is a winner, at least if you like olives and red onions.

Olivia restaurant Oslo

Pizza alla Contadina @ Olivia, Hegdehaugsveien

The atmosphere

Wether you choose to dine @ Aker Brygge, Hegdehaugsveien, or Tjuvholmen the setting is intimate and relaxed. Aker Brygge seems busiest to me, Hegdehaugsveien the most relaxed, and Tjuvholmen is a bit more up-scale.

My rating: ♥♥♥♥

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