Palma – My #1 Choice for a Weekend Getaway & Shopping Break!

Palma in Mallorca blew me away with its MAGNIFICENT food and EXCELLENT shopping. I returned fatter than usual and with no money.

Hotels in Palma

First choice was the posh and pricey Portixol Hotel, next to the harbour and Portixol beach, but the hotel was ruled out due to its price and distance to the city.

Portixol Hotel bedroom

We considered staying somewhere near Platja d’Illetas which is 10 km from Palma; this supposedly is an exclusive beach resort with no water activities. But 10 km was too far. Ciduad Jardín was also up for discussion if we would have wanted a beach location as the beach is both sandy and sheltered, and there are bars + restaurants nearby.

With only two days in Palma I wanted to stay as central as possible; meaning as close to the shopping as possible. HM Jaime III seemed the best choice. The spot was as good as expected, only a block from a very good shopping street leading down to even more shopping. The breakfast at the hotel was awesome, they even make their own yoghurt. The restaurant was good too, and the room was a nice size. We had a balcony, but you must request a city view to get a room with a balcony. The staff was not too happy (to be/work there/to see us?!), but never rude.

HM Jaime III - bedroom   HM Jaime III - bedroom

HM Jaime III - bedroom   HM Jaime III - balcony

HM Jaime III - bathroom HM Jaime III - bathroom freebies

HM Jaime III - bedroom

My rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Restaurants + food in Palma

If you are a foodie like me visit the bakery Fibonacci for good bread and good coffee!

Coffee in Palma

Unlike other places in Mallorca where the charter tourists have taken over and insist on meeting the same cuisine as wherever they come from themselves; Palma boasts with Spanish eateries and restaurants and does not compromise. One of the best restaurants I have visited is Tast. Although it was only a lunch, it was of the heavenly sort.

Tast in Palma Tast in Palma

Shopping in Palma

I cannot tell you about shopping in Palma without mentioning the Festival Park outlet. Hallelujah.

Shopping in Palma Festival Park in Palma

There’s also the El Corte Ingles which alone is worth taking the trip to Palma. A Spanish department store @ the Avenidas and at C/ Jaime 111.

What to see in Plama

Le Sau (the Cathedral) – Palma’s Gothic Cathedral

Palma Cathedral

Bellver Castle – 14th century castle

Bellver Castle
Image credit: Victoria and Albert Museum


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