Koh Samui – Bophut, Chaweng, Maenam

Koh Samui is an island off the east coast of the Kra Isthmus in Thailand.

The best time to visit… february – april.
Visited in february 2012. It was hot everyday, but not unbearing. Chaweng was packed with tourists, but Boput not so much, yet enough for it to be lively all day and all night. The only crowded beach was in Chaweng, but the beach is so long it did not matter.
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Where to stay in Koh Samui

If you want to stay where the action is then choose an accommodation close to Chaweng in Koh Samui. IMO Chaweng beach is the best beach in Koh Samui because of its clear water. The beach is also shallow so well suited for children. If you’re staying for a longer holiday you will probably end up in Chaweng because of its shopping opportunities and many restaurants. It takes a few hours to walk the entire “walking street” of Chaweng, where you will find street side stalls selling clothing, electronics, books, and more on both sides of the road. Be aware that the main road in Chaweng is BUSY and the place lacks charm.

Unsatisfied at Spirit House restaurant

Unsatisfied at the Spirit House restaurant

Chaweng beach at night

Chaweng beach at night

The Library Page restaurant -Chaweng

The Page restaurant @ The Library

Chaweng busy road

BUSY Chaweng

Cake in Chaweng

Cake in Chaweng!

Chaweng Night market

Market in Chaweng @ Night

Koh Samui motorcycles

Motorcycles are the devil

Chaweng Coyote bar

Thomas enjoying one of m.a.n.y drinks @ Coyote

The Library - Chaweng

Interesting book?

Chaweng refreshing drinks beachside

I won’t lie. Not as good as it looks.

Chaweng Xin City

Xin City



Chaweng tuk-tuk

Tuk-tuk’s are highly available

Chaweng beach

The best beach on the island

Chaweng grocery shopping

Shopping in Chaweng is good for sweets, not so much for beer.

Bo Phut
This is a cosy and relaxing place to stay. The Fisherman’s Village in Bophut is rated top attraction in Koh Samui and has several shops and restaurants to choose from. It is smaller than Chaweng, less crowded, less noisy, and more authentic. The place has character and many shops, restaurants, bars, and tourist agents.  The beach is clean, but not clear. It’s good for swimming, but not suited for children as it gets steep right away.

Beach wedding Bophut Koh Samui Bophut beach Koh Samui Fair in Bophut Koh Samui

If you want to be by yourself then this is a good choice. IMO too remote if you intend to explore other parts of the island during your stay.

Maenam beach in Koh Samui

Maenam beach in Koh Samui

Maenam car garage, Koh Samui

Maenam car garage, Koh Samui

Where to eat in Koh Samui

I wrote a post about the restaurants I visted in Koh Samui. Most restaurants are found in Chaweng, but since it is such a ‘hotspot’ all the restaurants located by the road do not really need to be top rated or strive for good reviews as people will stumble in anyways. My best advice is to choose either a Thai restaurant and/or make your decision based on if anyone else in the restaurant seems excited about the food. In Bophut there is also a good selection of restaurants; mostly Thai; and mostly good ones!

Of course you don’t need to eat out every day. If you are so lucky to possess skills in cooking you can make the most amazing (I don’t write this lightly) ingredients, meat, and vegetables at the superket in Tesco (located between Bophut and Chaweng) or at Tops (Chaweng). Buy a book with Thai recipes at the bookshop Bookazine in Chaweng. Just go easy on the curry!

Beaches of Koh Samui

Read my post about the beaches of Koh Samui. I think I nearly visited them all, as I am a true calm-clear-beach-hunter. I was surprised to find that Chaweng was the best one; clearest, calmest, and longest. Lipa Noi was the worst one, but only because I kept getting stung in the water. If I was visiting Thailand for scuba diving I would pick another island; like Koh Tao (because the waters are clear). From there you can catch a speedboat that takes about 15 minutes to the truly wonderful island Koh Nang Yuan.

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