Prinsotel La Dorada – The King of Hotel Apartments

Prinsotel La Dorada in Playa de Muro, Alcudia (Mallorca) is a great place to unwind. Anywhere where the hotel manager brings you back-office to surf online (to find out about bus connections to another town) gets a high rating from me.

The manager was my favorite, but generally the staff answered all our questions and helpful. I am kidding; the high rating is due to the excellent stay this turned out. Prinsotel La Dorada is definitely a place I recommend to couples, friends, young, old, etc.

The area is quiet, yet the bus stops right outside and will take you into Alcudia in less than 10 minutes. The hotel is close to the beach, some shops, and a coffee shop. Playa de Muro was a good location to retreat to. The beach and huge pool right outside the doorstep, and well-kept property. What else do you need? Maybe restaurants, but even if you stay in Alcudia you’re not guaranteed the closest restaurants are any good anyways.

Entrance - Prinsotel La Dorada, Mallorca

The entrance is pretty spectacular, best one in the area.

Pool area -Prinsotel La Dorada, Mallorca

Pool by night, definitely ask for a room with a pool view

Pool area - Prinsotel La Dorada, Mallorca

Pool area by day, with a beach bar in the middle

The room is the best part. It’s not a room, it is a 1-bedroom apartment; spacious, modern, and clean, with a kitchenette as well as a balcony facing te garden or pool area.

Interior - Prinsotel La Dorada, Mallorca

Huge complex, but during May it’s still quiet here

Room no 3212 - Prinsotel La Dorada, Mallorca

Room no 3212

Living room - Prinsotel La Dorada, Mallorca

Large enough living room for all my planning & clutter

Balcony - Prinsotel La Dorada, Mallorca

Small private balcony

Kitchen - Prinsotel La Dorada, Mallorca

Kitchenette came in handy in the mornings

Living room couch - Prinsotel La Dorada, Mallorca

Not the coolest couch I’ve seen, but good sized living room

Bedroom - Prinsotel La Dorada, Mallorca

Spacious bedroom & a comfy bed!

Bathroom - Prinsotel La Dorada, Mallorca

Bathroom has two showers and a bathtub

The only thing I will pick about are the drinks and the food. As expected, but my expectations were low.

My rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

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