Tapas in Prison @ Vann & Brød

For those who like to sit inside (bars) Vann & Brød is a cosy decent prices Tapas restaurant in Grønland, Old Oslo. The history here is more interesting than the food, which is simply OK!

My last visit to Vann & Brød in August 2012. I tried some new dishes ‘Chicken with feta cheese’, and ‘Fried onion rings’. As for the feta I don’t know where it was hiding, and the chicken club was only OK. // Ed.: the restaurant has since closed.

Tapas @ Vann & Brød in August 2012

 My rating: ♥♥♥

Review below of previous visit from July 2012:

The menu

Tapas! Fish, mostly meat, and vegetarian choices as well!

Vann & Brød Vann & Brød - Meny

The dish

Like most tapas dishes the taste and quality varies. The ‘Roast Pork Neck w/Pesto’ (‘Cerdo Pesto’) had an unfamiliar taste and did not go very well with the other dishes, and a bit dry. Not my favorite. The ‘Spanish Meat Balls’ (‘Albondigas’) were nice, while the ‘Choritzo’ (‘Choritzo a la Espanola’) was too much (greasy) for me. Thomas enjoyed it though. The ‘Potatoes w/Aioli’ (‘Patatas Aioli’) were nice, but the best dish was the ‘Tomato Salad’ (‘Ensalada del Tomate’). With all the heavy dishes this salad was a welcoming side dish to complement the rest of the meal. Honesty is hard, but here I go: the best dish (July 2012) was the starter (bread and aioli).

Price: 290 NOK (5 dishes + starter).

Vann & Brød - Starter Vann & Brød - Tapas

The atmosphere

Originally a prison from 1902 – 1978; named Kristiania fengsel (prison). Today it is a small, intimate, and cosy restaurant whose walls, interior, and menu tell the story of the prison-turned-restaurant.

Vann & Brød - Mahou Negra Vann & Brød

My rating: ♥♥♥

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