Punjab Tandoori is Popular, But Not the Best

While the Indian Restaurant Punjab Tandoori in Oslo (Grønland) is not the best in the area, it is one of the cheapest ones, and undeniably very popular. It seems as competitive as ever. Mostly when I stop by people are ordering take-away or eating on the go choosing to eat-in. It’s not a cosy place, but you don’t have to empty your savings account either.

The menu

Standard Indian dishes.

The dish

Previously I’ve had the Garlic Chicken dish, but it was too raw near the bones, so on my last visit to Punjab Tandoori I asked if they could make me Butter Chicken. And they could! And it was good. And if I ever go here again I will have it again, but I’d rather go next door.

Butter Chicken at Punjab Tandoori in Oslo

Butter Chicken at Punjab Tandoori in Oslo

My rating: ♥♥

I’m not trying to be mean, but the dishes are tame. Missing the flavour and the crunch. Look at the salad. It looks how I feel when I eat it.


You’ll eat here if you must, but it’s not a cosy place. It makes me think of communism, without the tablecloths. Why are there no tablecloths?

Punjab Tandoori in Oslo

Punjab Tandoori in Oslo

Punjab Tandoori in Oslo

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