Restaurants in Holetown, Barbados

Finding a good restaurant in Barbados is easy. In Holetown there are almost endless eating out possibilities, ranging from cheap fast-food to exclusive and modern fine dine restaurants. This is where some of the best restaurants in Barbados are.

Delicious Lunch & Cake @ Flindt

Patisserie & Bistro Flindt in Holetown will make your mouth water. Owned by Savoy-trained chef Carsten Flindt and his wife, Zoe. They serve French and Italian dishes and mix it well together into a comprehensive Fusion menu. After enjoying their breakfast and lunch get ready for the big finale; their delicious cookies, muffins, and cakes. OMG. A sweet tooth’s heaven on earth.

  • Go …if you want to enjoy the diverse cuisine available in Barbados
  • Don’t go …if you hate chocolate, cake, and fusion
Quesadilla at Flindt - Restaurant in Barbados

Quesadilla at Flindt – Loving the presentation!

Pasta at Flindt - Restaurant in Barbados

Pasta at Flindt

Chocolate Fudge Slice at Flindt - Restaurant in Barbados

Chocolate Fudge Slice at Flindt, most remembered dish of the day!

My rating: ♥♥♥♥

Refined atmosphere @ The Tides

The Tides Restaurant is a modern restaurant overlooking the sea. It offers inspiring menus, excellent food and service. The presentation is great. I suggest reserving in advance.

  • Go …if you have something to celebrate, want a romantic night out, or just want a very good meal in Barbados.
  • Don’t go …if  you’re not ready to pay for quality.
Drinks at The Tides - Restaurant in Barbados

Waiting around for a table with a High Tide & Sea Monk

Chicken at The Tides - Restaurant in Barbados

Stuffed Chicken… Mmmm!

Veal Chop at The Tides - Restaurant in Barbados

Veal Chop – Looking good

Tidation at The Tides - Restaurant in Barbados

Tidation dessert. Maybe better if you’re not too full from the meal.

Peanut Mousse at The Tides - Restaurant in Barbados

Peanut Mousse – Heavy on the heart

My rating:

Cheap & basic @ Just Grillin’

Just Grillin’ is a good choice for a basic, but tasteful meal. If you’re a chicken-lover like myself this will suit you better than if you prefer meats. There’s enough greens on the plate making it a somewhat nutritious meal.

  • Go …after a night out on the town.
  • Don’t …go there to celebrate.
Fast Food @ Just Grillin'

Fast Food @ Just Grillin’

My rating: ♥♥♥

Dark & Mysterious @ Zaccios

Zaccios was recommended to us by the woman who rented us the villa we stayed at while in Barbados. Either the chef was having an off-day or Ms. I.F. knows the staff at this restaurant too well to tell the truth. The only positive things I can say is the view was amazing and the menu looked inviting. I ordered chicken with rice, plantains, and chutney, and was very excited about the combination. When the dish arrived I saw the entire platter was covered in an Indian flavoured gravy. The gravy overshadowed every taste that could have been unique or slightly interesting. Zaccios felt like a poor indian roadside restaurant. Thomas had BBQ ribs and was equally disappointed. The meals were eatable, but with the recommendations we expected more.

  • Go …if you don’t care too much
  • Don’t go …if you want a culinary meal
Chicken at Zaccios - Restaurant in Barbados

Not very nutritious meal @ Zaccios

My rating: ♥♥/♥

Breakfast and Lunch in the Chattel Village @ Café Bar Carizma

Café Bar Carizma is an open-air café located within the Sunset Crest Chattel Village. The ice coffee hunt in Barbados ended here. The Quesadilla was very good, the burger not so much. For breakfast or a light lunch I would come here again. The birds will be watching you. Reserve in advance for Tapas served on Thursday’s evenings.

  • Go …if you want a light international meal
  • Dont go …if you want an authentic Bajan breakfast or if you are scared of birds
Ice Coffee at Cafe Bar Carizma - Restaurant in Barbados

Barbados’ best ice coffee

Quesadilla at Cafe Bar Carizma - Restaurant in Barbados

Quesadilla at Cafe Bar Carizma

Chicken Burger at Cafe Bar Carizma - Restaurant in Barbados

Chicken Burger at Cafe Bar Carizma

My rating: ♥♥♥

Italian @ Spago

The Italian restaurant Spago is found in the heart of Holetown, Barbados. The menu offers mostly pizzas, but also pasta, fish, chicken and steak. The setting is intimate and the lights dimmed. Service is slow. Reservations are wise. Thomas was not happy with his parma ham pizza, while I loved my choice: Pizza topped with onions, bacon, and salami. With ingredients you love you can hardly go wrong. Although sometimes you can.

  • Go …if you’re in the mood for Italian
  • Dont go …if you’re not
Ham pizza at Spago - Restaurant in Barbados

Parma ham pizza at Spago

Bacon & Salami pizza at Spago - Restaurant in Barbados

Bacon & Salami pizza at Spago

Rich chocolate cake at Spago - Restaurant in Barbados

Rich homemade chocolate cake at Spago

My rating: ♥♥♥

More restaurants in the West Coast of Barbados

– Paynes Bay

Trendy setting @ Scarlet – Don’t miss it!

Scarlet offers contemporary dining in an upmarket setting. The restaurant is trendy with art on the walls and with much thought in every detail. Many people come here for the delicious drinks, but they also serve very good stand-alone dishes and à la carte menu for a reasonable price.

  • Go… if you want modern Bajan food with a twist
  • Dont go… if you want gourmet
Lust Martini at Scarlet - Restaurant in Barbados

Lust Martini! Better than Cosmo!

Quesadilla at Scarlet - Restaurant in Barbados

Quesadilla at Scarlet

Lamb Cutlets at Scarlet - Restaurant in Barbados

Lamb Cutlets at Scarlet

Choc Pud at Scarlet - Restaurant in Barbados

Choc Pud at Scarlet

Ultimate Burger at Scarlet - Restaurant in Barbados

Ultimate Burger at Scarlet

My rating: ♥♥♥/♥

– St. James

Interesting @ Cariba Restaurant and Bar

We decided for the Cariba Restaurant and Bar after reading several reviews about it on TripAdvisor. We had a hard time finding it, but staff at a nearby hotel pointed us in the right direction and that helped. The setting is clean, intimate and modern. The menu is limited to mainly seafood, but I requested the Coconut Coated (!) Chicken Breast without the shrimp and that was no problem. It was as interesting as it sounds, and very good. We received a tasteful chips starter, and ended our evening with a more interesting than good cheese cake. All in all a very enjoyable meal in an atmosphere which makes you want to stay.

  • Go …if you want good food with an Asian twist and friendly service, & also if you love seafood.
  • Don’t go …if you’re not ready to try something new
Chicken Satay at Cariba Restaurant - Barbados

Chicken Satay Starter at Cariba Restaurant

Terk Pork at Cariba Restaurant - Barbados

Terk Pork at Cariba Restaurant

Chicken Breat at Cariba Restaurant - Barbados

Chicken at Cariba Restaurant

Cheesecake at Cariba Restaurant - Barbados

Cheesecake at Cariba Restaurant – WTF

My rating: ♥♥♥

– St. Lawrence Gap

Meh @ Cafe Sol

Cafe Sol has a tempting menu, but unfortunately the food tastes bland. The food did not taste fresh to me, but conserved and together on the plate none of the flavours stood out making the meal a bitter mess. I had to leave most of the meal on my plate. No one seemed to care too much about this. I would suggest to use less seasoning on the meat before serving, make the guacamole from scratch, and add more greens on the plate.

  • Go …if the chef makes you a deal you don’t have to pay before you’ve tried it
  • Don’t go
Cafe Sol - Barbados

Appetizer was the best part

Cafe Sol - Barbados

A hot mess

Cafe Sol - Barbados

The drinks did not pass my test

Cafe Sol - Barbados

Cafe Sol in Barbados, bye.

My rating:

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