Shopping in Rhodes – As Expected!

While on holiday in Ovacik, Turkey I decided to travel to Rhodes in Greece for some shopping and culture. It made for a very different shopping experience than the dull bazaar shops found in Ovacik, Olu Deniz, and Fethiye. I expected Mango, Zara and something more, and that was what I found. I was able to throw my card around, but not as much as I wanted.

Amerikis Street is the main shopping street selling fashion in Rhodes, starting close to the harbour (a short taxi ride away). Two of the first stores are Mango and Benetton. If you leave Amerikis and step into one of the many side streets you may be rewarded. The cosmetic store Sephora (Amerikis 4-6) has competent staff and they were only happy to give away free samples!

Sephora, Rhodes, Greece

Trendy designer labels are found at Frisbee (Amerikis 59), such as Marc Jacobs. There is also a store further down the Amerikis (just before Sephora) named Designer Outlet, but the designers were too mature for myself. The most interesting store was on Amerikis 45; Anna Riska. Greek fashion I would not be able to find in Norway or anywhere else. There are/were two Anna Riska stores in Rhodes, but the other one (closes to the port) was emtpy and closed when I was there.

Designer Outlet, Rhodes, Greece

Anna Riska, Rhodes, Greece

Anna Riska, Rhodes, Greece

H&M is found at Ethelonton Dodekanisou 4-6 ( Frisbee is to the right when you have your back to H&M, and the first road to the left). Pull and Bear is located on Plastira Nikolaou 2, close to other likewise shops. Pepe Jeans is found on Lampraki Grigoriou 40, but I found the store very summer & Greece oriented, not showing much concern for the change of season or style. The same goes for the ridiculous TopShop store I wandered into. Zara is located close by; huge store with a good selection of fashion clothes, not any worse than the selection at home.

I found a great pair of brand new Ash boots at Calceis Pennatis at 52-54 Gr. Lambraki str.

There are several Diesel stores in Rhodes; I found a big Diesel store just around the corner of where my hotel Best Western Plaza was situated. They had another interesting label there; ‘Please’ (Italian label).

Diesel, bought in Rhodes

To conclude Rhodes is a good choice for shopping! My purchases and the labels found in Rhodes satisfied me. I am glad I had an entire day, but I don’t imagine I would need more than 12 hours, but a half-day trip would be too stressful as I want to stray as I wish. The ‘Old Town’ is OK for shopping as well and there are some boutique stores that surprise more than others, but I found nothing and would not go here for shopping for clothes if I had little time.

Shopping in Rhodes

My rating: ♥♥♥/♥

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