Staying in Amsterdam – Close to the Christmas Market

Amsterdam is a lively city during winter, filled with stores lined up for you to do your christmas shopping. During winter there are less cyclist as well, but you still need to worry about  being hit by one.

Amsterdam is home to boutique hotels so there is good reason to explore when choosing a hotel. One pretty amazing boutique hotel not too far from the city center is Hotel V Frederiksplein; voted #3 trendiest hotel in the Netherlands, 2012.  It is very close to Rembrandtplein where the annual Amsterdam Christmas Market is held.

Hotel V Amsterdam

Hotel V Amsterdam – Entrance

Amsterdam Christmas Market at Rembrandtplein

Christmas Market at Rembrandtplein

I did my research before going and so I didn’t choose the small or the standard sized room, but paid more for a XL sized room (which did not cost too much to upgrade).

The good

Romantic design room, great comfortable bed.
Bus stop just outside the entrance door.

Thomas at the bus stop

Thomas at the bus stop

The bad

The elevator does not take you all the way up to the rooms on the top floor.
Not in the city center, takes 15 minutes to walk or less with the bus.

Enjoying our stay!

Enjoying our stay!

Want 2 go back!

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