The Berlin Television Tower – If Queuing is Worth Paying For

The Television Tower (Fernsehturm) in Berlin looks tempting from outside, and with its central location you will probably pass by more than once.

But don’t bother visiting this tourist trap.

…I buy tickets on the First floor. There’s only one sales agent as there’s only one kiosk window. There’s 7 people before me, so I’ll live. The Sales representative tells me to take the stairs to the 2nd floor. There I see a couple of benches, a digital screen, toilets, and a digital ticket reader gate thingy. I try to pass with my ticket, but the gates don’t open. The man in charge of ticket order inspects my ticket and tells me I have to wait till I see my number on the screen. OK, I finally get it. I wait on the benches for about 10-15 minutes. I finally get to pass the ticket gate, pass a corner, and end up in the back of a line waiting to use the elevator… At this point I want to turn around. I wouldn’t even do this for Royalty.

There’s a lot of people waiting in line, and it looks and sounds like they’ve been here for a while. There’s two lifts, but not a lot of people can enter them at once. And they are slow. Not normal slow, but abnormally slow. I think 3-4 group of people enter before I am finally allowed inside; 40 minutes later.

It’s crowded and hot, and I’m trying to only look at my shoes and not touch anyone. The guard who takes up space in the elevator doesn’t say anything.

Finally I get to see what I came for. A view of Berlin… I cannot belive I paid & queued for this. The view of the city is better when standing next to Berliner  Dom and looking the other way. It’s a city that looks better while you’re looking straight at it, as opposite when you’re looking down at it.

What else? There’s some information about the war, and there are some before pictures of some areas of the city and you can pay to see what it looks like now.  + there are some teenagers bored-to-death and they are running around making everyone uncomfortable. I am very uncomfortable.

I find my way back to the elevators (takes me one minute, the attraction is not big at all), but I am sadly met with more queue. Of course people want to get down! I am in pain and I decide to explore the upper lever, so I turn to  the stairs which lead to the restaurant (which rotates 360 degrees). There’s a line. No one’s moving, and no one’s coming down.  The bar opens and I go there. An old man makes me the worst drink ever with more sugar than alcohol. I don’t remember the rest.

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