The Best Cocktail Bars in Oslo

The best cocktail drink in Oslo is found at T.G.I. Friday’s (Karl Johan); known for their delicious icy fresh Strawberry Daiquiri, but also serve equally good drinks such as Heaven or Hell and my favorite Apple Martini. During the weekends it gets very crowded and that is enough to put me off. Not far away is John’s Bar, for the grown-ups.

Another crowded and very popular bar is Åpenbar, but with mouth-watering drinks such as Razzberry, Mint I understand why.

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Many clubs especially in the Frogner borough have dance floors (and dress codes), but for cheaper drinks and a more relaxed dress code visit the colorful Dattera til Hagen. They have 2 floors and an outside area, but the minus here is that the music (DJ) is too loud. Almost next door is the much more laid-back (but equally busy) Sawol. They serve decent drinks in a modern environment. A bit different.

Annie & Thomas having a good time

Annie & Thomas having a good time

Fisk & Vilt is a good alternative for socializing and they also have outside seating/dancing/cramping and a small dancing floor, but the drinks all taste the same. Run by the people behind Hell’s Kitchen and Internasjonalen, the latter offer a bigger dance floor but drinks are too classical for my taste. Bar1 actually have bartenders that make good drinks, but forget about the dancing.

Stiff and Stiffer

The worst drink I’ve had in Oslo was at Horgan’s. It’s very popular with the popular. If you hate ugly people then visit Soliis as only the fierce get in.

Something for the beer lovers

If you are looking for a blend of geeks, rockers and nobodies then visit Mono, but only expect beer. If you want to ditch the geeks and only hang out with the metal rockers then choose Rock In. If it’s the beer that got you thirsty then visit Oslo Mikrobryggeri or Schouskjelleren Mikrobryggeri (breweries) where everyone is in a good mood. The traditional sports pub no one cool wants seen in is The Scotsman. A popular bar most people don’t mind being seen in is Oslo Mekaniske Verksted.

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