Too Cheap @ Alfred

The meal @ Aker Brygge restaurant Alfred in Oslo turned out real cheap as  the waiters didn’t do a good job at making us pay. The waiter for some reason only told us to pay half of the bill. I realized this after coming home, but all in all it felt like the reduction was fair.

Vine @ Alfred's

The menu

Alfred is a bit on the expensive (exclusive?) side and offers only a few dishes in each meal group, but offers a set menu + today’s dish for a reduced price. A lot of fish and the usual epensive meat food for grown-ups (rib eye steak). The lunch menu is more tempting (adventurous) than the standard dinner menu, but if you only eat meat like myself you have to settle.

The dish

I had the ‘Caesar salad with bacon, chicken and crutons‘. It looked delicious, but tasted  rather boring. Not enough flavor, not enough sauce, and too much lettuce.

Alfred's Ceasar Salad

Price: 149 NOK.


Central situated in the same building as the Nobel Peace Center, a great spot @ Aker Brygge, and especially during the summer when you can sit outside.

View from Alfred restaurant

My rating: ♥♥

Caesar Salad is not that hard to make somewhat interesting, so if you can’t do that then I am not willing to come back anytime soon to try to see if you can make anything else.

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