Too Much of This, Too Little of That @ People’s

The restaurant People’s in Oslo Norway looks totally tempting during the summer months with its modern wooden tables and full exposure to the rays from the sun. But is it worth sitting down for more than a cold beer?


The menu

The list is long, and tempting. How about a ‘Jamaican burger’?

The dish

I went for a safe choice; Chicken Club Sandiwch, thinking that this is their signature dish so it must be good.  The aioli was the best part of the meal. There was too much (hard-toast-type) bread, and too little pesto. The salad leaf is unnecessary, I need it chopped up as I’m not a rabbit. I wasn’t impressed by the presentation or the taste. If it hadn’t been for the bacon or the aioli I wouldn’t have finished.

Thomas ordered the Full English Breakfast, which tasted like it always does.

My rating: ♥♥

Tempting plate at People's?

Tempting plate at People’s?

People's Chicken Club Sandwich

People’s Chicken Club Sandwich

People's Breakfast Plate

People’s Breakfast Plate


Lively during the summer. Not tried during the colder months.

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