Trendy & Tasty @ Tabibito

What happened one day is I got very tipsy and hungry at the same time, and ended up visiting the Asian restaurant Tabibito. The prices were not very friendly, but I was too drunk to notice. I have never been better at eating with chop sticks than I was this particular day. I ate the entire meal with my sticks, and it only took about five minutes.



The menu

Good variation in both traditional and modern Asian meals, there are menus for starters, dinners, and desserts. A lot of times I find Asian menus are often very fish oriented, but at Tabibito the menu is a good balance between chickens, fish, and meats.

The dish

#23 Danmian Cha Shao / Honey Grilled Pork
Delicious. The food melted in my mouth, and the flavor was very good. It is mainly the dish that makes me want to come back.

Price: 149 NOK

Honey Grilled Pork @ Tabibito


The restaurant is colorful and lively. It’s one of the more trendy restaurants in the area and the interior is modern Asian.

My rating: ♥♥♥♥

I cannot wait to go again, preferably sober, and hopefully for a 3-course meal!

Eating with chop sticks @ Tabibito




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