Where to stay in Turkey…

Where to stay in Turkey?

Narrowing it down, day by day…

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– Too crowded. Not considering.
+ Cheap flights.

+ Good beach, but packed.

+ Kaputas beach with clear waters (3 km or 10 minutes). Small, but not too crowded.

+ Close to Patara beach (wavy)
+ Kaputas (small) beach with clear waters (7 km)

– Thomas already went there; thinks it’s OK.
+ Close to Rhodes!
+ Close to Turkish town Fethiye, Greek village Kayaköy

+ A friend recommends this.
+ Over 50 % of reviews/tips I’ve read recommend this over other places in Turkey.
– Same friend says two weeks here might be boring.
+/- 1 hour to Marmaris.
+ #1 beach destination in Europe!!
+/- Most famous + popular

+ One if Turkey’s finest beaches.
+/- Laid back village

+ Two friends recommend this.
– Read some bad posts, stating the place is dirty.
+ 2nd longest beach in Turkey, calm waters

I just want an awesome villa close to an idyllic clear beach close to a somewhat-lively-not-too-touristy Turkish town/village. :-)

Note to self
Visit Butterfly Valley and Turtle beach by boat.

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