White Bungalow in Olu Deniz / Ovacik – Don’t Stay Anywhere Else

The White Bungalow in Olu Deniz (or rather Ovacik, Turkey) is perfect for total bliss and relaxation. I could not believe it was mine when arriving and seeing what a spacious villa it was. When Jane and Tony who greeted us upon arrival left us I wanted to jump up and down with excitement about choosing THIS villa!

And it got better! The location is just as good as the villa itself. About 1 minute walk from the nearest (small) shop/market, 5-10 minute walk to Ovacik, and not much farther to Hisaronu. The bus to Olu Deniz stops in Hisaronu (go to the right when leaving the villa, follow the road straight down for the nearest stop, instead of taking a right turn at the shop into Hisaronu). The bus ride is short, straight downhill. Try to get to sit in the front of the bus during night; the scenery is awesome.

Three cats belong to the property. The big one keeps the stray ones away and only asks for a small pet now and then, but comes running every time there is food. The black and white is needy, and fell in love with Thomas at first sight. The back one was my favorite; did not ask for much, and not too eager to hang around us two-legged ones.

The pool, one of the biggest reasons we chose this villa, was definitely all that and more. It was as big as we thought, and warm during September, and clean. There was someone keeping it clean and fresh every morning before we woke up. It was perfect for us, on the shallow side the water reached me up to my shoulders, and not too much chlorine in the water. Lovely.

The indoors was nice, the kitchen big, and living area very inviting. There are books in the shelves which you can read, also about the area around. The villa was clean and well-kept, but the carpets a bit filthy. I don’t like carpets. I don’t think I was supposed to lay on it either, but I did for a few sit-ups and ants bit me on my thigh. No more carpet work-out. The same happened outside in the ottoman seating, although I wasn’t working out. Speaking of bugs, there were some nasty ones in the tree between the patio and the pool, but they were finishing some plants with a mission, so they were only there for a few days. Another flying thing flew at us, but we made end of our misery by killing it with a racket! I hate bugs, but I like gardens and greenery, so I put on my brave act.

Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, all clean, nice, and basic. The master bedroom had a lovely balcony overseeing the green property around. The bathroom was newly renovated and a large shower + jacuzzi.

I loved having the space, feeding the cats, laying in the pool, and jumping from chair to chair outside. It does cost, but if you’re considering to rent; do it!

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